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  • The installation of the proxy changer toolbar should be relatively simple. This page includes solutions for the infrequent issues we have encountered.
  • If the suggestions below do not help, please see the contact instructions at the bottom of this page.

FAQ #1: The dropdown toolbar appears, but there are no country selections.

The installation was performed correctly, you just need to get the country/proxy settings from the "update" link mentioned in your registration email.

There will be a link near the bottom of that page.. RIGHT-click it and save to your C:/Windows directory (or WINNT if you have Windows 2000) as "proxy.xml". Then close and re-open Internet Explorer. The country selections should now appear.


FAQ #2: I downloaded the program but cannot find it on my computer.

If you cannot find the file you downloaded, go to Start-> Search and search for files named "iprivacytools". Once your computer finds the .exe, double click to initiate the install. If the computer doesn't find the file, the download may not have taken place. Try redownloading, and pay close attention to where you are Saving To. The Desktop is best.

FAQ #3: I performed the install but the toolbar does not show on Internet Explorer.

After installing, did Internet Explorer open with a Yahoo.com web page appearing?

If answer is NO: make sure Internet Explorer is set as your default browser. If it was not set as a the default browser, uninstall the toolbar in the Control Panel (Add/Remove Progams) and then try reinstalling.

If answer is YES: open Internet Explorer and go to the dropdown menus -> View -> Toolbars. Is 'Proxy' an option?

If 'Proxy' is NOT an option: Are you logged into this computer as a user with administrative priveleges? If not, uninstall the toolbar in the Control Panel (Add/Remove Progams) and then try reinstalling while logged in as a user with administrative priveleges.

If 'Proxy' is an option: Make sure it is checked. If you still do not see the proxy/country list dropdown, it is probably hiding somewhere. Try unchecking and then rechecking the 'Proxy' selection.. does anything on the toolbar move? Try expanding your Internet Explorer toolbar by pulling the lower bar of the top toolbar down. Pull some items from the left to the right and vice versa. It is often the case that the dropdown list is pushed off to the side by other items.

FAQ #4: When I select a country, my IP does not change.

a- Some websites may track you not only by your IP address but ALSO by cookies. So first clear your cookies by going to Internet Explorer -> Tools Menu -> Internet Options -> Delete Cookies. Then close and re-open Internet Explorer.

b- Make sure that the page you're using to check your IP is fresh by clicking Reload or Refresh on your browser. Better yet, try using another website to check you IP, such as www.showmyip.com or the iprivacytools.com homepage

FAQ #5: My Internet connection seems slower when I am using a proxy, or I cannot connect to websites.

Remember that when you use a proxy server, your Internet traffic is in fact travelling around the world (or to the country you select) before it reaches you. This alone will slow down your connections. Also, proxy servers are subject to traffic spikes, maintenance shutdowns, and other problems. We try to keep at least a dozen country selections on the dropdown toolbar for you to choose from. If you're having trouble with one server, try using another. We update the proxy settings once per week to limit the number of bad servers. You can update your settings at www.iprivacytools.com/update

It is really best to use a proxy when you're on sites where you are concerned about your IP being displayed. At all other times you can clear proxy information and surf normally by selecting "no proxy" or "home-fast" on the proxy dropdown menu.


Still having trouble?

Please fill out this contact form and provide us with the following information:

  1. Your operating system (ie. Windows 98, 2K, XP)
  2. Your connection type (cable, dsl, dialup, etc)
  3. Your version of Internet Explorer (find it on the Internet Explorer Help Menue -> About) - please provide the full number that is shown.
  4. Any other information about steps you have completed / what has occured / any error messages you've encountered.


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