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WARNING: The term "anonymous proxy server" may be somewhat misleading, and it's very important that you understand the risks involved with using public proxy servers (please read). Fortunately, the most serious of those issues can be resolved by using a private proxy service such as iPrivacyTools.

Furthermore, the proxy checker below uses PHP (a server scripting language) to detect variables in your web browser header that might indicate use of a proxy. However, it is quite possible that applications outside of your browser could leak your true IP, or that scripting languages such as ActiveX, Javascript, and Flash may also be used to detect your IP.

Therefore, this should not be considered a full anonymity test unless you have also taken steps to firewall your computer (prevent unauthorized applcations from accessing the Internet), a disabled all browser plugins or scripting languages that might leak your IP. On the Firefox web browser, you can conveniently achieve the latter by using the NoScript extension.

PROXY CHECKER  (Anonymity Analysis):

Your IP address and hostname: (

Here are your headers that could reveal a proxy:

  • HTTP_VIA: anonymous / none
  • HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR: anonymous / none
  • HTTP_FORWARDED_FOR: anonymous / none
  • HTTP_X_FORWARDED: anonymous / none
  • HTTP_FORWARDED: anonymous / none
  • HTTP_CLIENT_IP: anonymous / none
  • HTTP_FORWARDED_FOR_IP: anonymous / none
  • VIA: anonymous / none
  • X_FORWARDED_FOR: anonymous / none
  • FORWARDED_FOR: anonymous / none
  • X_FORWARDED: anonymous / none
  • FORWARDED: anonymous / none
  • CLIENT_IP: anonymous / none
  • FORWARDED_FOR_IP: anonymous / none
  • HTTP_PROXY_CONNECTION: anonymous / none

Proxy detected? NO   (So you're either not using a proxy, or it's highly anonymous)

Again, please remember that this should not be considered a fullproof test of your anonymous surfing level, as it is only analyzing your browser headers. To surf via proxies with greater confidence, we highly suggest using a firewall and disabling all browser plugins and script support.

Thank you for using our proxy checker and anonymity test!
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