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CHANGE your IP address in ANY software!   New!

Our standard service offers an extremely convenient method for changing the IP address of Internet Explorer and Firefox (the two most common Internet applications). However, some people need more versatility to:

  • View video through external applications and plugins.
  • Use any web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, etc).
  • Play online games or test custom Internet applications.
  • Change their IP address in chat programs.
  • Etc, etc, etc!

These users are typically:

  • Travelers and expats (residents of a foreign country living abroad)
  • Entrepreneurs, businesses, and online marketers
  • Serious gamers


OPTION 1: VPN connection on shared IP address in the US or UK

  • Works with all Internet applications, EXCEPT email clients and P2P.
  • You can choose from either of two locations: US or UK.
  • Standard connection (unencrypted except for SSL/https pages).
  • Speed adequate for streaming audio/video.
  • Account is not shareable with friends/employees/others.

PRICE: $30 for 3 months


*If switching from the "Browser IP Changer" for the first time, you'll get the initial 2 months at no charge.

OPTION 2: VPN connection with private IP address in any country

  • Works with all applications described above, INCLUDING email clients.
  • Choose from any location in the world (wherever servers are available).
  • You get your very own dedicated IP address - no sharing with other users.
  • No sharing bandwidth with other users - so you get guaranteed great speed.
  • Optional encryption (enhances wifi security and prevents snooping).

This is a very unique service in that we do a "setup" for you on a 3rd party web hosting provider. Once complete, you'll have a completely private "IP Changer" -- a unique virtual presence anywhere in the world. Because the account will be 100% under your control, you don't have to worry about us/anyone monitoring your activity or hogging your bandwidth. It's up to you whether you share your connection with friends.

SETUP FEE: $35 (or $17 if upgrading from our standard "Browser IP Changer")

MONTHLY FEES: Monthly hosting expense with a 3rd party provider will vary. In the US you can expect to pay $9-10 per month. In Europe, rates may be slightly higher, around $15 per month. Please note that a regular hosting account will not work (after registering, we'll help you select a host).


  • 24-48 hour turnaround on setup
    Option 1 requires 24 hour setup time. Option 2 requires 48 hour setup time.
  • Phone verification required for all accounts
    We will need to reach you by phone before setup in order to confirm legitimacy of the order.


If the performance does not meet your expectations, simply let us know within 48 hours after setup and we will provide a full refund. For option #2, the first month of hosting expense may not be refundable.


TERMS OF USE: All iPrivacyTools.com services are intended to be used in a responsible and legal manner. Purchase and use is subject to our Terms of Use (click to view).

UPGRADES: Upgrades from the "Browser IP Changer" must take place within 5 days after registration.

WARNING: All fraudulent orders are investigated and immediately reported to the individual's ISP and law enforcement authorities in their country.


Pay for option #1 - $30

Option #1 upgrade - $12 (if you've already purchased the browser version)

Pay for option #2 - $35 (the fees for hosting will be separate, paid directly to host provider)

Option #2 upgrade - $17 (if you've already purchase the browser version)

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IP Changer Software for Windows

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