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Testimonials for the IP Changer

Software to Hide and Change your IP Address


To protect the privacy of our clients, personally identifying information has been removed from these testimonials (e.g. only first names and general locations are mentioned). However, contact information is stored safely offline for legal verification of legitimacy if required.

"The IP changer works very well for me. Thank you for providing this great service." - Darren in Canada

"I love how easy, dependable, and convenient the iPrivacyTools IP changer is. I've been using [it] for a long time now and love it! I depend on the IP Changer to help me get work done online" - Julie in Japan

"I find your product brilliant." - Tommy in Ireland

"... the software works great. You have a very satisfied customer!" - Michael in North Carolina

"...a fantastic product, does the job i wanted it to do... will recommend you to my uk friends here and in france when i return. good after care service and easy to set up. thanks, keep up the good work." - Sharon in the UK

"Congratulations for inventing such a wonderful and convenient system. Your system is best of the best. It is worth every penny. You have at least one life long customer." - User in Canada [name removed due to uniqueness]

"Incredible software... Thanks again for the help the first time, and I will be sure to pass along a good word for your company!" - Andrew in Denmark

"Thanks so much. you're very helpful. The service is great!!" - Catherine in Florida, USA

"I just want to say great product." - Jason in Canada

"... everything works perfectly. Your after sales service is great." - Phil in France

"... I am using it for a few years now and i am very happy with it." - Gladys in the Netherlands

"Your IP Changer works just great! This is exactly what I need." - Oleg in Canada

"I find your product brilliant." - Flynn in Berlin

*Note from iPrivacyTools: Honestly, we don't know why so many of our user's first names rhyme with their locations :)

"I love your product and wish to continue to use it." - Stuart in Canada

"Your software has been great" - Diana in Texas

"BTW, this is a great tool have recommended to several others" - Richard in France

"Thanks for the amazingly quick service." - Brett in Slovenia

"I love my Ip changer, Thank you!" - Deborah in Nova Scotia

"A great Program - Works well." - Ted in Australia

In your "Testimonials for the IP Changer" you are using fake names for most of the names outside USA. That leads me to think you are not trustworthy. Why do you use fake testimonials? I am an expert on names used in different countries so you cannot fool me...
We definitely don't use any fake names, but possibly the reason for confusion is that MANY of our users are travelers and expats living overseas (e.g. an American living in the Netherlands is probably not going to have a Dutch name :) We save all testimonials offline in case of any legal issue. We are a U.S. based company [where using fake testimonials would most likely be fraudulent]. If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know.

"Many thanks for your reply... Being a computer idiot I much prefer to get continued service through yourselves as so far it has been excellent." - Kevin in Germany

"I am really pleased with both the software and the support I receive." - Rob in New Jersey

"Hi i have just downloaded and started using your software which is absolutely great." - Timit in Sweden

"Have installed IP Tool which works just great." - Derek in Scotland

"Thanks so much!!! So far I love your service and I told a friend about it already." - Kareem in Florida

"I have used it repeatedly over the last couple of days in Firefox, and I love it. It accomplishes exactly what I want to do. Thanks again for your response. Another Satisfied Customer" - Lilia in Canada

"I have been using iprivacytools for months with great success" - Jim in Virginia

"Nice little proggie, and have recommended it a few times already." - Brian in Germany

"The software works just great! I just didn't notice the proxy selector in my toolbar first...sorry 'bout that!" - Andy in Switzerland

"I am now enjoying the software. Thank you for being so helpful!" - Dave in Nevada, USA

"I have subscribed to the IP Changer since February 2008. Your software had been very useful to me..." - Mike in Singapore

"It appears to be working. Thanks so much for your patience and assistance! Customer support was GREAT!" - Bev in Washington, USA

"this is a strong tool" - Liren in New York, USA

"I have been using IP Changer for a few weeks now and it has worked without a problem." - Mike in the UK

"I have your software and I am using it. I love it..." - Evelyn in Canada

"... downloaded your wonderful product, Its brilliant." - Jason in New Zealand

"Hi I'm a customer of yours in New Zealand and very happy with your service." - Sam in New Zealand

"Thank you for the prompt reply. I'm really sorry, it was actually my fault. Your program's working great. Thank you once again." - Prabu in India

"I have now solved the problem and all is well. great piece of software ...Thank you" - John in the UK

"... purchased your IP changing software and it works very well" - Julian in the UK

"Hi, I worked with it this morning and it seems to be doing great now!" - Judy in Ohio

"I am very happy with everything" - Graham in France

"I have been a great fan and user of your fine product" - William in Georgia

"Thanks for all the joy I've got from your product where ever I travel." - Chris in New Zealand

"It's working a treat. Many thanks and please don't stop offering this service." - Brett in Slovenia

"Works great. Sorry for the complaint." - Norman in Ohio

"p.s. this program is GREAT!!!!" - Kristi in Tennessee

"It is a pleasure to find someone not just interested in ripping you off for a change! I was by the way most impressed with your site, the way it installed, your after service and professionalism... I'll have no hesitation in recommending your product in the future." - Andy in the UK

"I recently purchased your product and it works great!" - User in Washington USA [name removed due to uniqueness]

"Ur service is the best!" - Danielle in Florida

"Anyway - we have your product up and working and are very happy with it - many thanks!" - Grant in France

"First off, awesome!" - Duncan in West Virginia, USA

"I have had this program for 3 months and it worked great..." - Gary in Florida

"I managed to download the program and it works great!" - David in Canada

"Your tool is brilliant and have been using it for some weeks now very successfully." - Bill in Florida

"Hi, I have downloaded the software and it works perfectly..." - Nathalie in Belgium

"I find this very easy and convenient to use." - Nick in the UK

"Your personal help has been courteous and invaluable... many thanks." - Laura in the UK

"Bought your ip changer a little while ago, and it work just great, never had any problems with it. Does just as you say it does." - Julie in the UK

"Thanks for the fast reply - and I am pleased to report everything is fine now. I am using the UK private server with no problems... its nice to surf without broadcasting who I am." - Russell in Australia

"Thanks for your quick response. Your idea made a massive difference and it is working 10,000 times better now." - John in Australia

"Hiya I bought your tool yesterday and found its fantastic for hiding my ip." - Tom in the UK

"...have to say your support has been brilliant." - Nick in the UK

"I think it is brilliant." - Mary in the UK

Note from iPrivacyTools: Yes, we know there's a lot of “brilliant" in these testimonials. Seems to be a UK thing, and we have a lot of UK users :)

"My sincere thanks for your prompt and positive response to my inquiry. It's nice to be surfing again without my IP being broadcast. I will be passing the word on about your software to my friends who frequently express negative feelings about Internet privacy." - Val in [location unknown]

"Your product as far as I am concerned has already paid for itself." - Michael in Michigan, USA

"Your quick and courteous responses have left me with respect and trust for iPrivacyTools. I am satisfied with the product... Thank you again for your assistance." - Louis in Virginia, USA

"Just wanted to say what an excellent product your guys have here! So easy to install and works A1! Took me like 2 minutes to get up and running, THANKYOU!" - Mark in Australia

"Please disregard my prior support request. Somehow I finally got it downloaded, installed, updated and working OK. Thanks anyway. It works GREAT!" - Jack in Thailand

"Hi thank for your help I got it working now! I LOVE IT!" - Shayne in the UK

"I already got it working. I like this much better than [product name removed]!" - Doug in the Philippines

"I have purchased and installed your privacy software and it is running great." - Daryl in Colorado

"I've just bought your iPrivacy tool and it is installed and working well... Cheers" - Matthew in the UK

"I bought your product a few years ago, maybe 3 or 4? Is there any way you can look up my user name & pass word so I can re-download it? Yours is the best I have used & do not want to loose it." - Victoria in Texas, USA

"Thank you. Your customer service is refreshing." - Lisabeth in Washington, USA

"I thank you for your response, and the fact that you took the time to answer my questions. It is a pleasure working with your product" - Will in [location unknown]

"Thank you so much. its working fine now. its a very good product, I LOVE IT" - James in South Africa

"I just bought your product a day or so ago and it works excellent" - Gillian in Canada


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