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Private Proxy Servers

Surf without the risks of public/anonymous proxies

Using private proxy servers enables you to reduce, even eliminate, the risks associated with "public" ones:

  • You'll be assured of SSL-compatibility, which means you can securely login to membership sites, access webmail, and submit personal or financial information via https:// pages.
  • You'll have better awareness of the party operating the server, and be able to review their "terms of use" and "privacy policy".

Aside from such security and safety issues, private proxy servers are typically far more reliable from a connectivity standpoint (they're faster).


#1: Use a private proxy service

iPrivacyTools is one example of a service that offers access to it's private proxy servers for a fee. There are other such services - just do a Google search for "private proxy servers". Things to consider when evaluating services include:

  • Where do you want your IP to be located, and where are their servers?
  • Do they offer private IP's, or do you mind sharing an IP address with other users?
  • What are your bandwidth requirements, and do they have restrictions?
  • Do you require encryption, and do they offer it?
  • How much is the monthly/yearly fee?

Be aware that a software or services that only requires a one-time fee is probably going to provide you with public proxy settings. That may suffice for some users, but again, be aware of the risks. You'll most likely want to ask if they offer access to private proxy servers.

#2: Hire someone to install your private proxy

Setting up a private proxy server is not difficult for an average programmer or server admin, and you can probably hire someone to do so for less than $75. You will also have to purchase a special web hosting account that allows shell access, which is probably going to run between $10 and $15 per month.

Even though there is a greater startup cost with this option, in the end you'll have:

  • Your own private proxy with a dedicated/private IP address.
  • No sharing of bandwidth; no upload/download speed restrictions.
  • Full control over monitoring/logging proxy activity (or not).
  • Ability to share your proxy with friends/employees.

Given the above advantages, installation of a private proxy server is perfect for:

  • Travelers and expats who will be overseas for several months or longer.
  • Multi-employee offices that need to provide employees with a virtual presence overseas.
  • Any serious businessperson or entrepreneur that needs a second IP address.

#3: Hire us to Install your private proxy server

Yes, a little self-promotion :)   When it comes to installing proxy servers, we have a lot of experience. And we know exactly how to configure a proxy so that it is highly anonymous (not exposing your real IP).

Our standard fee for installation of a private proxy server is $35. For an extra $10, we will also install a private VPN for you on the same server. That will enable you to encrypt your Internet connections, and surf securely from WiFi hotspots while traveling. Again, you'll also need to purchase a special web hosting (shell) account, which usually runs around $10 - $15 per month.

Please contact us if you're interested in purchasing our installation services.

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